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Rugged Earth tailors individual designs, suited to each client. Rugged Earth designs gardens using modern Australian native plants that require low watering, Mediterranean style gardens with the use of a variety of timbers, stone and water features and culture specific gardens that require great detail to the plants and materials used. Rugged Earth undertakes designs for public opens spaces to courtyards and everything in between.

Rugged Earth offers the complete landscaping package from the landscape design, which includes consulting with clients to understand how you want to use the garden and what your likes and dislikes are, a landscape plan so you can see how the finished product will look like and any changes can be made to get it right for you. The landscape plan includes all the plants that will be used along with soils, lighting, new turf and irrigation to be installed. Rugged Earth can then implement the landscape plan for you and even maintain the landscaped garden when the construction is all over. Rugged Earth under takes projects in country W.A and across the metro area.


Rugged Earth Landscaping offers a vast range of design, construction and maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients, whether this is a once off arrangement or occurs on a regular basis. Established in 2002 by Owner/Operator Jack, a qualified horticulturalist and designer, our team has worked on sites from schools and industry grounds to urban courtyards.